Can I download to my iPhone or iPad?

No you cannot download directly to your iPhone from our website.
Music can only be downloaded to these devices from iTunes. Therefore, we do not recommend purchasing songs directly from your i-device. Instead, make your purchase from your computer and transfer your song to your i-device via iTunes.
You cannot download directly to your iPhone or iPad from our website. This is a limitation that Apple has put on their products.
If you have already made your purchase from one of these i-devices -- it's no problem! Just go to the computer that syncs with your iPhone and login on our website using your email and the password that was sent to you when you ordered. You can then download your song to that computer. Open iTunes on the computer and connect your iPhone. You can then drag your music into your iPhone. You MUST be using the computer that you always use to sync to your iPhone.

Is your music approved by the USAG?

The USAG does not approve music. However, they do have strict music timing. Music may not be over 1 min 30 sec. All of our music meets this time restriction. Also, your music may not have any form of vocal - whether spoken or sung. Our music meets this restriction also.

How do I choose music?

Meet with your coach and determine how many tumbling passes you will perform. Meet with your choreographer and determine the best music style for you - based on your dancing skills. If you are new to "optionals" and are a young level 7 gymnast with little to no dance skills - you may want to choose a shorter piece that is cutesy - a 50's song or cartoon piece. A level 9 gymnast will want music at 1:29 that shows off her best dance skills - ballet, jazz, hip - hop.

Is it legal to download?

It is when you buy from Energym Music! Downloading is illegal when proper royalties are not paid to the songwriters and/or artists. Energym Music's songs are all properly licensed in accordance to US law and all royalties are paid by us.

Should I download, buy a CD, or buy a Flash Drive?

There are advantages to each. When you buy a CD, you have a permanent copy and you can make your own mp3s from it. With the Flash Drive option, you can take your music straight to your meet's computer to play - plus there's room on the Flash Drive for other music. If you download your music, you save a little money, plus you can burn several copies for your own use. Even if you get the CD or Flash Drive, you still get a download link. Your download password is good for one year, so if you go to a meet and find that you have forgotten your music you can just find internet access and download your music again!

How many copies of my music can I make?

You can make as many copies as you need only for your own personal use. You are not allowed to make copies to give to friends or to sell to someone else. Coaches - these tracks are only for use by the gymnast who buys them or for whom they are bought. You may not keep them and build your own library or hand them down to next year's gymnast.. you're on the honor code here. Please help us continue to provide the best in gymnastics music by observing the law on this.

Can I buy a custom edit?

Yes, you can! We can custom edit any track for you to meet the timing you desire. We can usually come within a second or two of the desired time. In the event that we cannot find a musically satisfying way to edit the music, we will refund the editing charge or cancel your order - whichever you wish. All of our custom edit customers have been very happy with our results! Call us at 615-557-3014 to discuss your editing needs. The charge for this service is $50.

Can I buy a custom piece of music?

Yes, you can! We will work with you to create a piece of music designed just for you. This service is fairly expensive, but will give you your very own track to use exclusively for a time depending on the custom program you choose. Call us at 615-557-3014 to discuss this.

Why is gymnastic music so expensive?

All of the music sold by Energym Music is created by us in our own studios. Also, each track we sell is arranged and produced specifically for gymnastics floor exercise routines. This is a very time consuming production process. This insures that your music will be inspiring for your choreographer and fun for you! If you check around, you will find that our prices are pretty consistent with our competitor's prices, even though we feel we offer the absolute best music available.

How long will it take to get my music?

All of our CD and Flash Drive orders are shipped within 24 hours Monday through Friday. If you need your music sooner, you may choose the FedEx option. If you need instant gratification, you can use the download option and start flipping right away!

Can I send you a check in the mail?

Sure! Send checks to: Energym Music, Inc., PO Box 251, Kingston Springs, TN 37082. A handy way to do this is to fill out the "checkout step two" form on the website except for the credit card info. Print this out and send along with your check. These orders will be shipped within 48 hours after we receive the check.

How do I qualify for a discount?

Coaches! If you have several gymnasts ready to order at once, we can save them all some money. If you order 3 to 5 tracks in one order, we'll give you a discount of 10%. If you order 6 or more, we'll give you a discount of 15%. You must order all of your tracks at one time, however. Discounts only apply to CDs and Flash Drives since the downloads are already discounted.
Discount will appear automatically in your shopping cart.

Can I get a refund on my music if I decide not to use it?

Sorry, we cannot offer refunds on your music. However, if you should receive a CD or Flash Drive that is damaged or does not play correctly, we will gladly replace your them with no questions asked. When we replace your CDs or Flash Drive, we will ask you to return the damaged item in a stamped return envelope which we will provide.

Download Help

Helpful Download Hints

* We do not recommend downloading directly to a CD, but rather to your hard drive so you can burn your CD later. * When presented with the choice to "save" or "open," click on "save" in order to save the song file to your computer. Clicking on "open" will only play the song in your browser. * Make sure you save your song to a known location on your computer, such as your desktop or Itunes folder. Do not download directly to your I-device. Music must be loaded onto Apple devices via ITunes. * If you need to search for your download on your computer later, search by the song ID number rather than the song name. For instance, Bad To The Bone will show up on your computer as "106.mp3" * If you lose your connection, or for some reason don't get your download when you first order, do not re-order your song. You will receive an email that contains an order number and a password which you can use for one year to download your song again. * Please be sure you are comfortable with downloading and burning mp3s to CD before you choose this method. Energym Music cannot be responsible for any problems resulting from user error or user's computer equipment.

Ordering Instructions

Downloading your song from Energym Music is easy. Once you've found the perfect song for your routine, just click on "add mp3 to cart." Complete the order form and click on "place order." There will be a brief pause and the message "please wait" while you're credit card is being approved. After your card is approved, you will be taken to a page where you will find your song to download. Just click on the link and save the song to your computer.