IPhone Users!

IPad/IPhone/IPod Users!!! Music can only be downloaded to these devices from ITunes. Therefore, we do not recommend purchasing songs directly from your I-device. Instead… Read More →

NEW Phone Number

We have a NEW number! 615-557-3014 Read More →

Half Price Upgrades!

If you buy the Short, Super Short, or Xcel45 version now and want to move up to a longer version later, you can upgrade for half price! Just log in to our site… Read More →

Xcel 45's!!!!!!

We are now offering 45 second versions of ALL our songs!   Some songs may not ye be available as downloads, but ALL of them are available for purchase on CDs or Flash… Read More →

New Purchase Options!

We have some exciting changes in the way you can get your tracks!  You can now have your music delivered on a USB Flash Drive.  This is a 1 gig credit-card size… Read More →